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7 Google My Business Listing Tips for Dentists and Doctors

Google My Business listings are extremely important for medical professionals such as doctors and dentists. If you want to attract new clients, you should realize that many people use search engines to find a good doctor or dentist. Without a Google listing, potential patients will find your competitors instead of you. If you don't already have a listing with Google My Business, make sure you create one as soon as possible. Even if you already have a listing, it's essential to optimize it in every way possible. Google recently added some helpful new features to GMB that make it more useful than ever to attract more clients. Let's look at some essential tips to make sure your practice is easy for people to find on Google.


5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid when Redesigning a Website

Website redesigns are a fundamental part of a long-term marketing strategy. For better or for worse, social media platforms and search engines like Google are continually tweaking their algorithm to improve the user experience...and this means your website must follow that pattern. It is not only a way to keep up with search engine trends, but periodic website redesigns are a necessary component of constant user experience improvement.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for your Practice Website

If you want to promote your dental practice online you need to be concerned about search engine optimization (SEO). Many of your potential patients use the search engines to find a dentist. SEO has gotten to be quite a competitive field. To stand out, you have to be familiar with some strategies that will help you get noticed. Here are some SEO tips for dentists to help you attract more clients. 


3 Advanced Practices to Boost SEO Rankings for Dental Websites

Staying up-to-date with your SEO is super vital to your dental practice. Not only does it allow you to get in front of your ideal patients that's interested in your content, it improves user-experience, bolsters lead conversion opportunities, and betters your overall inbound marketing strategy.


3 Useful Inbound Marketing Video Styles for Your Dental Practice

Everyone knows that dentists tend to have a certain style to their marketing campaigns. It's all about teeth! Everywhere you look in dental marketing, you see big smiling teeth. Plastic toys of teeth, big teeth on spinning light-up signs, and pictures of teeth on every holiday reminder card. While this may make sense for your industry, one thing that dentists often seem to forget is that teeth are not actually the most approachable image. Mammals bear their teeth to express anger or to intimidate, which might explain the underlying fear of dentists that permeates our culture.


The Top 5 Best Marketing Tactics for Dentists

Are you looking for ways to amplify your dental marketing? Perhaps you want to progress your inbound strategy to drive better results in traffic and lead generation. The good news is, there are top marketing tactics for dentists to attract more patients to their practice while building a solid presence online.


How to Make Your Practice Website a Lead Generation Machine

Having a beautifully designed website is an excellent start for your business. But plenty of beautiful websites generate hardly any traffic, let alone qualified leads for a business. To tap into your website's lead generation potential, try these six tips.


Are PPC Ads Worth it for Your Dental Practice?

Creating a strong online presence and bringing in new patients is a challenge. But paid advertising like PPC can help boost your practice revenues. Unfortunately, some dental practices use PPC incorrectly or with unrealistic/unreasonable expectations and end up paying high amounts for too little return on their investment. Before you make the leap into PPC, let's look at what makes a dental practice well-suited for PPC.


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