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Bettermatch Improves the patient experience

Healthcare Reputation Management Link360

Link360 offers a fully-integrated physician finder platform developed to take matching to a deeper, more intuitive level.

Studies prove a poor match can seriously affect patient outcomes.  Patients who don’t like their provider match, tend to go to the doctor less frequently, stop going, or switch doctors…and or more likely to write a negative review.  The more informed  potential patients are about your providers…the more likely they will match up with a provider that turns into a long-term relationship.

Our ultimate goal with BetterMatch is to help you facilitate those rewarding patient/provider relationships, reduce internal costs and to improve the overall experience so that everyone benefits.



Link360 has helped our organization create an internet marketing campaign from the start and grow that to include our website and other lead generation areas...
Don Kredensor
Managing Partner, Voluntary Benefits at Work
Officeheads Results
  • 1,817 new followers
  • 203 new contacts
  • 13 new sales qualified leads, 1 new sale
  • 8% click-through-rate on Direct Messages
Officeheads Results
  • 1,817 new followers
  • 203 new contacts
  • 13 new sales qualified leads, 1 new sale
  • 8% click-through-rate on Direct Messages
Downloadable Content | Link360

Downloadable Content

Your prospects may not be ready to buy services from you today!  It’s important for them to be able to download your content to keep nurturing them even when they’re away from your website.


Shareable Content

Imagine if your content went viral and was read by potentially millions across social media? We ensure your content is so compelling, your prospects will share it throughout their social media communities.

SEO Content | Link360

Search Engine Optimized Content

We tirelessly research SEO performance for your industry, competitors, and your existing site. That’s why our superior content is highly optimized for the best possible performance.


Segmented Content

We establish buyer personas in order to produce content that is deeplly meaningful to them. We’re able to speak in the same unique language as your target audience, which makes our content deeply resonate with them.

Meaningful Topics | Link360

Meaningful Topics

We are tuned into the hottest trends and topics in your unique industry. We’re able to attract and entice prospects with timely content related to your business that’s exactly what they’re searching for.

Secure CMS Backend | Link360

Secure CMS Backend

Your website’s security is of utmost importance to us. To protect your website from potential hacking and other security issues, we provide you with an ultra-secure CMS.


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